​Please read TOS carefully before sending a quote. If you buy our goods or commission us you are fully realizing and accepting the following terms of service.

Art by Haru Agayava

  • The queue is confirmed only after prepayment. Prepayment allows you to secure the commission slot. Without it your turn can be given to the other customer.

  • To request a quote please fill in the quote form and send it to us.

  • Sometimes it's not possible to give the same fursona appearance to your fursuit. Your commission could have visual changes to reach the best possible outcome for the customer and the builder. Any changes will be discussed in advance.

  • We reserve the right to refuse to anyone who behaves rudely or incorrectly, threatens, demands, asks to make a copy of fursuit or fursona, etc.

  • You must be 18 or older to commission us. If you are underage you can ask relatives or legal guardians to place an order.

  • We assume no responsibility for the wrong measurements that were given by a customer, misapplication or voluntary waste of the fursuit, your health and safety in the suit.

Payment and other charges
  • Our prices are pegged to US dollar (USD) exchange rate.

  • We accept payments via Wise.com or other money transfer services. We can't accept paypal payments.

  • Usually we divide payment into three parts. Prepayment is non redundable. When half of the work is done we ask for the second payment. Last payment must be paid with shipping cost when the whole work is done.

  • Other payment due and plans should be arranged before prepayment. 

  • Shipping, taxes, fees, customs regulations, currency difference after converting and other charges which were not included into the quoted price are the customer's responsibility. Please pay attention about it.

Cancelation or Abandonment
  • In case you cancel your commission at any stage of the work 30% from the total quoted price are non-refundable. These charges cover our time and materials.

  • If the customer doesn't respond or pay within 30 days from the last contact with us, then commission is considered to be abandoned. In this case 50% of the total sum are non-refundable as well.

  • Fursuit maker reserves the right to keep the fursuit, change it and sell if it was canceled or abandoned.

  • We will give you estimated completion date. It doesn't mean that commission will be done as scheduled. Sometimes unforseen circumstances can occur.

  • Estimated completion date starts when we start making your commission.

  • The customer will be informed if any delays occur.

  • We don't do any rush commissions. To provide the best quality of our work we need time and patience.  

  • Any product from our workshop is copyrighted.

  • Customer can change or sell his commission only with authorship attribution.

  • Furoar Suits uses photos of our fursuits for portfolio or gallery. Copyright may be written into the photo description if it is required.

Shipping and Insurance
  • Due to the Covid-19 situation some countries can't receive parcels from Ukraine. If you are not sure whether you can accept parcel from us or not, please contact us via email noting where you are from. We will gladly check this info for you. 

  • Exact shipping cost must be paid only after the work is done. 

  • We ship worldwide. You can choose either state post (Ukrposhta on the territory of Ukraine) or other logistic services (EMS, DHL, FedEx, Meest, etc).

  • Shipping price can vary from 60$ up to 150$ or more. It depends from the country, post options, insurance, package weight and size.

  • Shipping time is estimate. It doesn't depend on us.

  • We are not responsible for the parcel that was lost or damaged by postal services. In this case refunds can take some time while post services proceed applications.

  • We provide 60 days warranty. It includes repair/replace of the damaged/unsticked parts in the fursuit that were caused after the shipping or by our fault. Damage that was caused during shipping is not included in guarantee. 

  • Shipping cost even in warranty case must be paid by the customer.

  • Any wrong size part of the fursuit with wrong measurements, misapplication or voluntary waste of the fursuit are not included into the guarantee and won't be repaired or replaced.

Last updated: August 31st, 2020