Furoar Suits (previously known as TabulamBestias) is a small fursuit studio located in Ukraine. It was set up in fall 2013 by Leo Elstar and specializes in making fursuits, parts, accessories from resin, plastic or silicone. 


Generally, the idea of making fursuits came spontaneously. First fursuit was experimental and didn't mean to be anything serious.

But after that Leo Elstar began to make fursuits full time, finding out that it was his vocation. In 2015 Leo tried to make resin parts for fursuits. And where is resin there is a silicone. Silicone parts and accessories could be also commissioned since that time.

More and more fursuits came to life and even more to come. Now it can be said with confidence - the quality has greatly improved. Our course is set at making full body fursuits.